A Christ-Centered Community committed to supporting people with mental health and substance use challenges in their recovery and wellness journeys through:

H ope,
O pportunity,
M ercy, and
E ncouragement

Serving Montgomery County, Illinois & the surrounding area

Future Planned Programs


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Mental Health Matters Now and into the Future

Our planned programs represent what we see as current mental health opportunities in our community. We are always open to changing and adapting our programs to coincide with specific needs that might arise and the direction that Jesus Christ leads us.

The Lord your God Himself will cross over ahead of you. Deuteronomy 31:3

Haven Home of Hope

“Haven Home of Hope”, formerly The Living Room, is an opportunity for people with mental health conditions, diagnosed or undiagnosed, to have support in your own wellness and recovery. It is a place to have a great meal and to rest in an environment of mutual respect and trust. It will offer hope and encouragement and many listening ears. And the greatest asset about Haven of Hope Home is YOU because Cross Over Ministries believes you are the catalyst in determining what recovery and wellness looks like for you.

Ready for an internship, volunteer position, or employment, please complete an application today!

A small sample of Cross Over Ministries’ “Haven Home of Hope” is open to the public. See Haven Home of Hope’s page for Hours.

Special Grief Support

We are hoping to provide this special grief support group monthly. Details are still being planned at this time. We want to provide the most loving environment for group members to share stories of those they have lost while learning skills to grow around the pain they are experiencing.

Cross Over Ministries has published our second issue of our new grief support newsletter called FROGS (Friends Reaching Out—Grief Support)! Look inside the Spring 2022 issue for ways to seek hope, forgiveness, and channel loss into purpose: embrace the ups and downs of grieving: and find community in others with shared experience.