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Cross Over Ministries presents:

Conquering the Mind Mental Health Summit For Recovery and Wellness

Saturday, March 12, 2022 • 9am - 3pm
Hillsboro Free Methodist Church

In ALL these things we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us. Romans 8:37
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If you or someone you know struggles with substance use, mental health challenges, suicidal thoughts, or grief... you are not alone! There is hope! Join us for a day filled with empowering testimonies. Hear how our speakers turned their mess into message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph, and a victim into a victory . See how talents and gifts can be used to showcase our uniqueness. Relax and renew by watching a musical that shares a story of grace that changed lives many years ago and still can today.

Drinks, snacks, lunch, attendance prizes, and more will be provided!

Local community resources will be available.

Featuring Testimonies by:

  • Sam Anthony Lucania

    Owner and Founder of Sam Anthony Speaks

  • Sam Eaton

    Executive Director & Lead Communicator at Recklessly Alive

  • Andy Raines

    Artist with Passion Painter Ministry

Additionally, we’ll hear from Cross Over Ministries’ Local Recovery Support Peers.

Plus, “The Master’s Peace” Musical

Change—radical change—as demonstrated in the book of Philemon in the Bible, does not happen by demanding it or forcing it or by instituting new laws. It happens by grace, God’s grace, first extended by someone who knows that his own life has been changed by Christ’s mercy, and then extended to someone else who is in dire need of acceptance and hope. The musical, the Master’s Peace, shares such a story that offers not only the offender, but the one offended, to go beyond what is required and delve into the true meaning of forgiveness and reconcilement.
This could only take place if there is one bold enough and faithful enough to be the advocate of this type of radical change. Again, not by forcing or demanding it, but by pointing out the truth of Scripture—that all of us have been offered through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, a second chance at abundant life.
The musical will tell the story of the Book of Philemon, but it does not stop there. It will take us to modern times where we encounter another one in dire need of acceptance and hope. And it leaves all of us with the question, “Will we accept God’s call to be bold enough and faithful enough to be the advocates of radical change?”

Meet The Summit Speakers

Sam Anthony Lucania

Sam Anthony is a professional speaker, personal trainer, and lifestyle coach in long term recovery from substance use disorder, who uses his personal experiences with drugs, alcohol, depression, anxiety, suicidal behavior, recovery, mental fitness, spiritual fitness, and physical fitness to educate and motivate others. He took his first drink at 12 years old as a means of hiding his anxiety and depression, in addition to trying to fit in with his peers. He moved on to smoking weed and trying pills in high school, what he refers to as gateway behavior, and that led him down a path of destruction that landed him on life support. Thinking he could still function without help and counseling, he then continued an unhealthy lifestyle and subsequently was arrested and sentenced to 3 years in jail. Since that time, and now in recovery, Sam has passionately shared his story with thousands. Sam’s mission is to inspire others, provide hope for the future, and educate our communities through sharing his vulnerability. Sam’s message emphasizes awareness and encouragement. He lives in Virginia with his loving wife Rachel and three sons, Micah, Malachi, and Leighton.

Sam Eaton

Sam Eaton is a teacher, author, speaker, and founder of Recklessly Alive, a suicide prevention organization sprinting towards a world with zero deaths by suicide. A suicide survivor himself, Sam is crazy passionate about helping people tell a better story with their lives—one that is fully and recklessly alive. Sam’s first book, “Recklessly Alive: What My Suicide Attempt Taught Me About God and Living Life to the Fullest”, was released January 2, 2021. Following one of his viral Tik Tok videos, Sam’s book became one of the top 200 selling books on Amazon. Sam speaks regularly at schools, churches, retreats, and conferences throughout the U.S. He currently resides in Minneapolis, MN where he enjoys collecting vinyl records, lifting moderately heavy weights, and trying every flavor of Oreos.

Andy Raines

Known as the Passion Painter, Andy overcame ADD and dyslexia. He returned to school at the age of 30 and graduated with honors as well as a 4.0 GPA. Since that time, Andy has been on a mission to share his testimony through his unique talent of painting and music. His message includes how he overcame labels, drug addiction and discovered his true identity in Jesus Christ.

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Conquering the Mind Mental Health Summit For Recovery and Wellness
Presented by Cross Over Ministries
Saturday, March 12, 2022 • 9am - 3pm
Hillsboro Free Methodist Church
1400 Seymour Ave, Hillsboro, IL 62049
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